Saturday, June 1, 2013

Pact with the Devil June 7

Join us this Friday for the monthly pact with the Devil! Meet at the downtown Seattle ferry terminal at 11:45 pm. You can do whatever ritual you want, as long as it's wicked! Hail Satan!


  1. Hi guys,

    I'm an atheist who's been visiting lots of different churches, synagogues, monasteries, etc. and blogging about my experiences.

    I have two questions for you:

    (1) Would you be okay with me attending one of your cruises so I could write about the experience?

    (2) Do you ever get together for any kind of "church service" or do you know of any satanic church services in Seattle that I might attend?

    1. Anyone is welcome (except for people who are overtly hostile to us). What we do depends on who shows up. It's a pretty informal event. Most Satanists are actually atheists, and embrace the Satan myth as a metaphor, but there are theistic satanists who show up from time to time. Everyone is welcome and respected for their beliefs.

      There aren't many formal gatherings of Satanists, but If I ever win the lottery, I'll certainly buy an old church and paint it black, and invite everyone to blaspheme every sunday morning in the sanctuary. But seriously, I think the reason there aren't many Satanic "church services" is that Satanism means something completely different to just about every Satanist you ask. Most of us have our own individual rituals that we perform in private. It's about being your own god, so many Satanists would probably object to the idea of attending a service and doing what everyone else is doing (though I certainly wouldn't object, as long as what we're doing together is fun and a little creepy...)